Want to Help


Apply as a Volunteer

There are 3 main ways to help the ministry of River of Hope

  1. Pray – Whether you are praying for our staff and clients or you are praying for prayer requests we post online – your prayers are much appreciated. Prayer changes things!
  2. Donate – As an individual or as a church, we appreciate all donations – big or small. If you’d like to donate online – click the donate button above.
  3. Volunteer – River of Hope depends on volunteers to meet our staffing needs. To apply as a volunteer – click here.

This ministry depends on volunteers called to serve in the following areas:

  • Office support (Data entry, Clerical/errand runners, and Note card writers)
  • Fundraising¬†– Operation and Promotion
  • Reviewing and assessing applications
  • Interviewing applicants
  • Follow-up advisors
  • Prayer support – Praying with clients

For more information or to volunteer contact the Executive Director, Nanette Freelon.