Who We Are

We are a coalition of Christian congregations and individuals working to provide rent and utility assistance to Brazosport qualifying residents.

River of Hope exists to meet people's crisis needs and assist them in becoming financially self-sufficient.

Our goal is to help people beyond their financial crisis and become self-sufficient.

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Stories of Hope
“Becky” is a young single Mother of two girls and she had cancer. Doctors gave her just months to live. Becky was a very frail woman when she came to see us. As we watched her comfort her daughter, it broke our hearts. Over whelmed at the thought of how hard this must be for her, River of Hope assisted with rent to relieve some stress. Six months later, Becky was at River of Hope stating she was cancer free! Praise God
“Mary” is a single Mother of small boy. Mary’s son was molested by his babysitter’s friend. Mary needed to take off work to handle legal matters and attend CPS child counseling. She fears leaving her some with anyone. Mary lost hours at work caused her not to be able to pay her rent. Praying with and for Mary and her son was an honor.
“Andrew” is a single US Veteran who lost his pension and is working to get it back. In tears, Andrew put aside his pride and asked for help paying his rent. We prayed and encouraged him and thanked him for serving our country. It was an honor to be able to help him. Several months later; Andrew received his pension back and blessed River of Hope with $700 tithe – over three times the amount that was originally pledged to him.
Mike had a knee surgery. Under doctor’s orders he was told not to return to work for a period of time and was laid off. His company felt they had to replace him to keep the company running properly. River of Hope was able to help with rent.
“Jennifer” is a single Mother of five teenagers. Jennifer’s hours were cut at work. Her husband had left them. She needed help with rent. We were able to encourage her and help with her rent. Several months later, she received a financial blessing. Jennifer returned to River of Hope with a $100 donation saying God had placed on her heart to give back to River of Hope.

River of Hope's Office is located in the Brazoria County Dream Center Building 796 S. Highway 288B or 796 Brazosport Blvd S Clute, TX 77531

Office Hours:

9:00 am (Sharp!) to 12:00 pm Wednesdays ( Always Closed last Wednesday of each month) Monday 9:00 am to 12:00 pm  Information only

Contact Us:

Phone: 979-299-9464
Email: info@riverofhopetx.org

US Mail:

River of Hope P.O. Box 775 Clute, TX 77531-0775